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Outlined digital marketing and business strategy report on 'digital effectiveness' for Paralives, an upcoming, international video game. Recognised by the team as "really insightful".

"We are currently taking inspiration from what you [FHB] mentioned to establish an editorial calendar and to make our pages more cohesive."


Popcorn Kitchen

Market Research for Popcorn Kitchen: in market awareness level and purchase decision making with recyclable products,  and identifying social media channels and current perceptions of digital platforms


Langage Farm

Outlined and proposed a digital marketing plan for Langage Farm and their sustainable ED Plant to increase social media reach and increase engagement with their website.

sweet bamboo logo.jpg

Sweet Bamboo

Rebranded, and outlined strategy with target audience and segmentation; implemented the use of Tik Tok. Ongoing design and scheduling of educational and inspiring  content on various social media platforms



Attended DMA Creative Data Academy, working as a small team, on a marketing brief proposed by ScotRail to solve a current business problem using creative data and analytics; engaging and networking with many leading experts in the marketing and data industries.


Red Paddle Co.

Presented a strategy report for Red Paddle Co to increase brand awareness and higher conversion rates of the Red Original Water Bottle. incorporating sponsorships and penetrating a new market.

black transparent logo stf (1).png

Street Factory

Outlined extensive marketing strategy and rebranded; designed iconography, typography, colour palette and foundations of the logo. Also, currently managing social media platforms, curating designs and logos, creating and editing videos and posters, outlining informative documents, building and managing mailing list and newsletters, launching website, and overall increasing brand awareness and penetrating a global market with successful viral campaigns 

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